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What Are Sports Physicals Checking For?

Sports physicals are important for all people who are involved in playing sports. A sports physical is sometimes necessary before playing a sport, but just because it isn't required doesn't mean you shouldn't have one done. If you are involved in a sport, a physical is a must. Sports physicals check for a number of things. Read on for a few of the things a sports physical checks for and why it's important.

1. Heart Conditions

A sports physical will involve listening to the heart to be sure there aren't any underlying issues that need to be checked. Things such as a heart murmur, blood pressure issues, problems with a slow heartbeat, or issues with your heart valve will need attention or further testing. If there is a heat problem that goes undetected, it could cause you harm, or worse. A sports physical can detect these and other heart issues, and you can have it treated.

2. Hernia

A hernia that has not been diagnosed can be further irritated and lead to more damage if it goes untreated. Your physician can detect this issue and have it treated as necessary. A sport that is more physical for instance can worsen a hernia and lead to other issues, which may need to be treated with surgery.

3. Posture

A sports physical will check for proper posture, joint problems, and flexibility as well. This is to be sure you don't already have any issues with any of these that could potentially worsen with playing a sport.

4. Vision Testing

Your vision may be tested to ensure you don't have any issues with being able to see properly while playing your sport. It isn't going to be an in-depth vision test but a test to be sure you don't have any vision problems such as a lack of peripheral vision, tunnel vision, or other problems.

If you play a sport, or if you have a child that is going to be playing a sport, a sports physical is important and necessary. It can prevent worsening a health condition that you wouldn't have been aware of otherwise. It can also treat your health condition to enable you to play your sport without hindering your ability to play. Having a sports physical can also provide you with important information about taking care of your body and your health, as well as tips to strengthen your body safely.