What Are Sports Physicals Checking For?

Sports physicals are important for all people who are involved in playing sports. A sports physical is sometimes necessary before playing a sport, but just because it isn't required doesn't mean you shouldn't have one done. If you are involved in a sport, a physical is a must. Sports physicals check for a number of things. Read on for a few of the things a sports physical checks for and why it's important.

Tips For Using Your Pediatrician's Patient Portal

If your child's pediatrician offers a patient portal, you, as a parent, should become familiar with it. This portal is a gateway to your pediatrician, and it offers a lot of great benefits to you. If you currently do not use it, here are some tips to help you learn how to use it and take advantage of the features it offers. What Is a Patient Portal? A patient portal is a website that offers online access to your health records.

Fighting Obesity In Seniors: 4 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Weight As You Age

Losing weight is a concern for many seniors, as 15 percent of seniors over the age of 70 are considered obese. As you enter your senior years and become less active, you may find it difficult to shed unhealthy excess weight.To avoid health complications of obesity, such as diabetes, heart-related issues and joint problems, you may need to change your lifestyle. With your doctor's approval, begin a diet and exercise plan that helps you maintain a healthy weight.